Nolan Wells has built a reputation in the world of fashion for being more than just a Wardrobe Stylist. The Massachusetts native consistently transforms his client’s looks to make sure each one is developed into a brand of their own. Each look blends the artist’s unique style and personality while including Nolan’s own vision for the artist/client.

Nolan’s love for details can be seen in every look he builds for his clients. His passion for the perfect “fit and translation of the clients identity” is what sets his work apart from other stylists. Nolan’s drive to meet each client’s needs is not easily satisfied until the client feels the garments fit to a “T”.

Nolan has successfully responded to every challenge and moved up the ladder of styling by providing individualized service to each client including Natalie La Rose, Melissa Gorga, Flo Rida and others.

Nolan has experience and specializes in Red Carpet, Tour Wardrobe, Press Styling as well as Editorial and Image Consulting. His work has been featured in People Magazine and The Source.

Nolan’s work continues to create a buzz for his clientele with fashion forward, avant garde looks.

Although young, this newcomer is certainly one to watch. Nolan leads a team that is responsive, strong and based in Boston, LA, NYC, and Miami to ensure his clients are covered no matter where the need might be.


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